Business Room

In this section, business opportunities from member Producers shall be updated for other Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors to know and pitch for them.

Like Film Bazaar organized in International Film Festivals, in the Business Room of TFAPA, Producers can list the opportunities for the business of their films for others to pitch in.

The Producers can send details of their films along with what kind of rights they are wanting to sell (for e.g. Hindi dubbing, Tamil Nadu Theatrical, Satellite, Overseas, Digital/OTT rights etc.) for the film, along with the posters and trailer links. The same shall be posted in this business room for each film.

Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors, who are interested in such films, can directly contact the Producers who are wanting to sell and negotiate the deals. TFAPA team shall not be involved in such business transactions and the Producers, who are listing their films alone shall be responsible to close the deals.

The Business Room facility is available only for TFAPA members (Primary or Associate or Probationary).

Producers, who wish to list their films in this Business Room, can send in the details to: with all details. The details shall be updated within 48 hours.

The following are the immediate business/sale opportunities stated by the Members of TFAPA. Those interested can directly contact the Producer concerned.

Film Name Language Lead Hero Director Producer Name Contact Rights offered Expected price Lakhs