Title Registration Process

TFAPA shall provide for title search and registration services, which can be availed by the members of the Association. The members can make applications to TFAPA for search and registration of fresh as well as renewal of titles with TFAPA for all categories in Films and Digital content for a period of one year, which needs to be renewed every year.

TFAPA shall endeavour to provide the Title registration facility for all its members Online by integrating with other Film industry associations in Tamil cinema.

The list of titles already released and registered shall be provided in two separate sections.

  • Already released film titles since 1931 to till date
  • Titles registered for films under production/to be produced

TFAPA members can check the title availability based on whether they are going to re-use an already released film title by checking from Already released film titles section. The members must also check in the second section of Titles registered for films under production so that they can understand whether the title they are seeking is already registered by any other member of TFAPA or a member in any other Association.

TFAPA members must apply for Online registration only after checking both the list given to avoid duplication of checking work by our office team.

If the title is available, members can register Online for the title and also make the payment towards Title registration online to the bank account details shared below.

TFAPA shall issue title certificate once the title is confirmed by our system and the payment is made, for the purpose of certification of films by the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) and/or for the records of its members.

Please note that this facility offered by TFAPA to its members is only a registration of a title with the Association as per the prevailing industry practice and is not a trade mark and/or copyright in a title.

TFAPA shall provide title registration service at Rs.2,000/- + GST per title. Until the facility goes fully Online by integrating with all the other Associations, the manual Title registration process shall take a minimum of 15 days, which the members must note.

A member of the Association can at best retain 5 titles under this facility and can renew at best for 3 years. Beyond 3 years, a member cannot renew the same title unless the film is under production. Beyond 5 films, a member cannot register a title to block the titles for the sake of it.

The manual Title registration facility by TFAPA shall begin soon…

The entire list of released film titles since 1931 in Tamil cinema with Producer details and titles registered in all associations shall be updated soon in this section. Please wait for few weeks.