TFAPA Objectives & Goals

TFAPA Objectives

The Objectives for which the association TFAPA is formed and as listed in Memorandum of Association (MoA) are:

  • To Produce Cinematograph and digital films in the Tamil language for theatrical, Satellite, OTT and any other form of release to exploit the film commercially.
  • Promote, aid, help and encourage and develop the Active Tamil Film Producers and as far as possible to work in conjunction with similar other associations.
  • To control and reduce the cost of production, financial cost, distribution and marketing in proportion to the returns of a Tamil picture or pictures.
  • To maximize the revenues for Tamil films from various avenues by learning from other film industries and exploring the possibilities for future revenue streams from new media.
  • To control piracy in both digital and physical modes to plug the revenue leakage for Tamil films.
  • To induct, guide and coach the new Tamil Film Producers in learning the business and de-risking the investment.
  • To support all Tamil Film Producers in exploiting the rights of a film and in distribution, sales and marketing as an Association to have cost benefits.
  • To bring in centralized/computerized film title clearance process for the members with the support of other Film Trade associations in South to simplify the same.
  • To streamline the release dates of films in various languages and sequencing the release dates to reduce competition among new films or members.
  • To represent and resolve all issues pertaining to other trade bodies including worker forums (FEFSI), artistes’ association, directors’ union, trade bodies and other film industry-related associations.
  • To represent and enable members to get funding at optimum interest cost from banks and various institutions.
  • To streamline/reduce/remove the cost of exhibiting a film (VPF cost) through digital modes by signing exhibition tariff with digital cinema partners negotiated mutually for both the current and future technologies.
  • To streamline the cost of distribution through distributors and exhibitors by rationalizing the commission structure under various terms.
  • To take all necessary action to maintain and bring down the taxes (GST, LBET, TDS or any other tax imposed in future) applied for various businesses (selling and buying) and individuals in the trade of Tamil Films by the State and Central Governments.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with the members for standardizing all agreements and sale of rights of Tamil Films. The Association will take proper legal support in developing standardized legal agreements for all purposes.
  • To support and bring in computerized online ticket booking across all theatres in each State to monitor the revenues and audience attendance.
  • To bring in transparency in the Box office and other revenue reporting by the members for a better understanding of the market opportunity for all the members.
  • To support and enable every member to release their films on the date fixed without any hurdle through mediation and arbitration with financiers, lenders, outdoor units, artistes, technicians and any other person/body making a claim.
  • To form sub-committees or champions for each of the purposes to be achieved and offering them support to execute the plans in time.
  • To correspond, appear, on behalf of the members of the Tamil Film Industry before all authorities and act on behalf of the Tamil Film Industry and to aid and advise if called upon any such authorities.

The rules and regulations of TFAPA were formulated keeping the essence of Memorandum of Association, in order to help and strive for the member’s welfare and interest and are in accordance with the ambit and purview of Tamil Nadu Societies Act 1975 and subsequent amended Act of 1978.

TFAPA – Immediate Goals

The immediate five goals of TFAPA are as listed below:

  • To get back into the active film business, which is facing several challenges, after the impact of Corona.
  • To safeguard the interest of active producers in completing and releasing their films without any hurdle.
  • To represent to Government of TN to get back to shooting once the corona impact reduces and to allow the opening of theatres to release many films, which are ready.
  • To represent to TN Government in removing the local tax and helping the industry to get back on its feet.
  • To help the active Producers in the business of their films in every possible way.