Cost Reduction

Primary goals of the Association are to grow the revenue and reduce the cost of film production for the members. In this respect, TFAPA shall work on specific business areas listed below.

Reducing the cost of making a film is the best way to ensure lower risk and higher probability of business success of a film. TFAPA shall work with its members to reduce the cost of making a film in the following areas:

  • Cost of acquiring the script rights (original or remake)
  • Pre-production expenses
  • Remuneration of Cast (Hero, Heroine, Villain, Comedian, Character artistes and others),
  • Remuneration of Crew members (top line technicians like Director, Cinematographer, Music director, Editor, Art Director, Action Director, Costumer, Sound Designer etc.)
  • Remuneration of FEFSI workers
  • Cost of Locations
  • Cost of Set work/Art Department
  • Cost of Outdoor Unit for different type of camera and units
  • Cost of Travel, Food and other expenses for a shoot
  • Overall reduction in the per day shooting cost
  • Cost of VFX and CGI on per minute basis
  • Cost of Dubbing and Sound Mixing
  • Cost of shooting in foreign locations
  • Cost of Publicity/Promotion (Advertisements through Newspapers, TV, Radio, Online, Digital, Wall Posters/Outdoor etc.)
  • Cost of Digital Distribution (VPF Mastering and Distribution cost)
  • Distributor commission charges (For Plain distribution, MG & MG Royalty basis)
  • Cost of Insurance to protect the Producer
  • Any other area where the cost can be reduced

TFAPA shall collectively work with the members of the Association in working out strategies to enhance the revenues from each of the above rights, to ensure every film is exploited well to benefit its members.